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Operation BRAVE's co-founders have provided certification trainings to hundreds of individuals over the last 20 years to enhance their skills in mental health support, trauma-informed instruction, and Krav Maga self-defense instruction.  

Stand out by completing one of our certification programs today. 

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Trauma-Informed Instructor
Victor Certification

Learn to be a trauma-informed instructor no matter what you teach! The new standard for all instructors is now easy to achieve through our Victor Certification course. 


Courses are open to freelance instructors or gym owners looking to add to their skillset for best practices on trauma-informed instruction and creating a psychologically safe place for your students to train.

Gym owners, contact us for group pricing. 


Krav Maga
Instructor Certification

If you are interested in running a real self-defense program, this Instructor Certification will give you the framework and skills to do so effectively, safely, and at a high level. 

Our KO Instructor Certification is ideal for freelance instructors looking to add to their certifications or gym owners who want to add a relevant and needed program to their gym. 

Community Instructor Courses coming soon!


Mental Health First Aid

As trained instructors for the internationally recognized Mental Health First Aid certification for adults, we help you or your group build the skills necessary to support someone going through an emerging or worsening mental health crisis. 

As First Aid/CPR provides tools to lay persons in supporting someone during a medical emergency, MHFA gives you tools to support others in need during a mental health challenge.

Contact us for group pricing. 

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