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Joseph and Brittany Gleed have individually and together, presented to dozens of organizations, groups, and communities as experts in their fields. 

Bring the founders of Operation BRAVE to speak to your group through their engaging and unique understanding of the world, self-defense, real-world violence, building confidence, and healing. 

Create a BRAVE company culture by giving your team something different. 


Bring us to you

Whether its a keynote for your next company-wide event, professional development, or more, we've got your covered. 

Just a few of the things we speak on: 

  • The 7 Habits of Self-Defense

  • In the Den with Devils: Stories from the world of undercover trafficking operatives

  • Self-Defense for Everyday Living

  • Team Building: How to build your team of operatives

  • Confidence Every Day

  • Building the Fighter Mindset

  • Healing after Trauma

  • Active Allies - Bystander Intervention for Everyday People

  • Mindful Self-Defense

Contact us for more information and for scheduling using the form below.

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