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At Operation BRAVE, we specialize in delivering transformative experiences for diverse groups through our customized team-building and personal development programs. Our group and corporate offerings are meticulously crafted to equip you and your team with the essential tools to enhance confidence, boost productivity, nurture teamwork, and foster resilience.


 Our interactive group packages are a perfect fit for your upcoming company retreat, professional development series, or executive leadership team initiatives. Elevate your organization's performance and unlock your team's full potential with our transformative experiences. Together, let's create a powerful and impactful experience for your organization.

Create a BRAVE company culture by giving your team something different. 

Designed to bring the best out of your team

Our signature Operation BRAVE Workshop is the heart and soul of all of our packages, meticulously crafted by expert educators and self-defense practitioners. Through this workshop, we seamlessly blend active and experiential learning to provide your team with a fresh approach that yields remarkable results. Here's what your team can expect to gain:

  • Build Confidence and Assertiveness

  • Foster a Fighter's Mindset

  • Learn Real-World Self-Defense for Real People

  • Nurture Relationships Among the Team

  • Cultivate Leadership Development

And that's not all – our empowering and dynamic experience for your team goes far beyond these core benefits. It's an unforgettable journey towards growth, camaraderie, and lasting impact.

Take the first step towards unlocking your team's potential and book an Operation BRAVE Workshop today! Together, we'll empower your team to conquer challenges and embrace a brighter future.

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group packages


Our 2.5 hour lite version but action packed to get your team started with building their fighter mindset with our signature Operation BRAVE workshop. 




Our most popular package, perfect for team retreats. This package includes 5 hours of engaging and experiential programming for your full organization as well as private training with your executive team.


Includes everything in our Guardian Package but with an additional focus for just your executive team that we will schedule with you for more long-term training. 


Looking for something a bit different? Contact us for a customizable package to meet your team's needs. 

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