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Boldly Resilient through Action, Voice, and Education

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Perfect for your next corporate retreat, professional development, or team building event. Bring Operation BRAVE to your organization.  

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Elevate your skillset as an instructor or gym owner with our specialized instructor certifications. Become Victor Certified or add your very own Krav Maga program to your school. 

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Learn real-world self-defense from the comfort of your own home through our KO Self-Defense courses.

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Our Victor Courses give survivors of trauma an alternative pathway for healing and recovery. Join an upcoming course to learn how to let go of the fear and find your inner fighter. 




Discover your path to inner strength and renewed well-being. Joseph Gleed, a dedicated expert in trauma, depression, and anxiety, is here to guide you on your journey toward lasting transformation.


With a personalized and compassionate approach, Joseph offers individual therapy sessions aimed at helping you overcome challenges and embrace a brighter future.

Take the first step today – book your free consultation and embark on a life-changing experience."


Individual therapy is offered through XLR8 with Joseph Gleed, CSW. Some insurance accepted. 

Operation Brave

It's all about transformation.

We take pride in our distinctive approach. At the core of each offering lies a strategic blend of real-world self-defense principles with our expertise in mental health, recovery, and healing. The result is a powerful combination that equips everyday individuals with invaluable skills, knowledge, and opportunities to forge a resilient and confident life for themselves in ALL aspects of their life."

Embracing the spirit of "so one may walk in peace," we invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth with us.

Be Brave. 

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Joseph Gleed and the undercover team receiving diplomatic awards for their work in Mexico rescuing children from sex trafficking.

"Master Gleed imparts more than skill and technique.  He teaches a philosophy and system with a clear understanding of why you are defending or attacking instead of just how. And he does it all with great enthusiasm and the right balance of patience and push.  Soccer moms, CEOs, law enforcement, and everyone in between can benefit from his expertise.

 Beyond all of that, Master Gleed and I have put our lives in each other's hands working undercover together and I trust his judgment, skill, knowledge, and absolute calm under pressure. "

Sean Reyes, Utah Attorney General

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